Lincoln’s Old Kentucky Home

Would you believe that Abraham Lincoln’s story began in a small log cabin in Kentucky? That’s right – he wasn’t born in Illinois! When most people think of the land of Lincoln they think of Illinois; however, Lincoln is originally from Kentucky. Today the little town of Hodgenville boasts their claim to fame as being the birthplace of our nation’s 16th president. It’s on the original farm where Lincoln was born that now exists the Abraham Lincoln National Historic Park. On the site is a visitor center where you can watch a 30-minute video about the memorial’s development and the history of the property. A wall slab of epoxied pennies are a work of art and a piece of history. More than 100,000 people, including school children, gave an average of 31 cents each to help build the memorial. The memorial was dedicated in 1911 by President William Howard Taft.

Steps up to Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial Steps

The log cabin inside the Memorial Building is only a symbolic cabin. It is old and typical to the area, but it is not the original. To this day historians are still not sure where the original cabin stood on the property.

Lincoln Cabin Replica

A peek inside the Lincoln cabin