Fraggle Rock’s Uncle Traveling Matt Explores Italy

If you were a child during the 80s, you probably have a special place in your heart for the TV show, Fraggle Rock. Who could forget Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red, Gobo and Gobo’s adventurous Uncle Traveling Matt. I’ve had a Traveling Matt doll since I was little and decided to allow him to stretch his legs during a trip to Italy last month.

I knew I had to bring him along after my experience with Nandy the Uglydoll Goes to England. Wes and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, in September, so I plan to put Traveling Matt and photos of his journey in her nursery.

Taking in the view from our apartment terrace in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Uncle Traveling Matt in Cinque Terre

Taking the typical tourist photo near the Tower of Pisa

Uncle Traveling Matt in Pisa

Admiring the pastel marble outside the Duomo in Florence

Uncle Traveling Matt at the Duomo

They just recently allowed photos to be taken of Michelangelo’s “David” inside the Accademia

Traveling Matt and the David

The hills and grape vines of the Chianti region

Uncle Traveling Matt in Chianti